LOCALīz directly measures the actual out-of-home (OOH) audience exposed to each ad by using proximity sensors at the point of interest, a revolutionary step forward from relying on periodic surveys to estimate historical averages of customer traffic across an entire network.  Now ad-by-ad impressions can be measured and reported accurately, including audience count and characterization.  

1. Ad Impressions

Accurate Traffic Count

LOCALīz sensors at each OOH inventory unit continuously measure ad impressions generated by each sign. The sensors operate by observing unique wireless signals emitted by the consumer’s mobile device in proximity, and assigning each a unique LOCALīz ID. Since just about everyone carries a mobile device and all of them continuously emit this “fingerprint” while powered on, LOCALīz uses this as a cost effective and accurate method for measurement without using any personally identifiable information or communicating with the devices directly.     

Reach and Frequency or GRPs

LOCALīz IDs are streamed back to remote servers in real time and then associate the impressions with the proper ad campaign. Since the IDs are unique to each device, the servers can keep track of how many times the ad is served to the same consumer, allowing for reach and frequency or gross rating points to be determined in addition to total impressions served during the campaign.

2. Audience Characterization

Big Data Analytics

In order to convert the LOCALīz IDs into audience attributes, Bulzi partners with firms in the mobile industry where our “first party” data sets are blended in massive data warehouses. Computer systems mine these warehouses with billions of records to develop likely associations with the consumers carrying the devices. Consumer attributes are inferred based on the location history of the device, the likely household location or area, and other consumer-supplied information.              

Zero PII Attributes

What the LOCALīz servers receive back from these data warehouses are consumer attributes associated with each LOCALīz ID, devoid of any personally identifiable information (“PII”). Currently over 950 detailed consumer attributes are associated with each ID, allowing any combination of these attributes to be used for targeting, serving and reporting an ad campaign.

ID Recognition

This analytics process is applied regularly to the warehouse data in order to expand the pool of recognized IDs, improve the accuracy of the associations, and refresh the audience attributes due to changes in devices and consumer characteristics. Any ID not yet recognized is assigned a site-specific average profile.    

Privacy Compliance

Advertising systems which use LOCALīz benefit from detailed and accurate consumer attributes but do not handle PII data. The mobile partners who contribute their first-party data for blending with LOCALīz IDs do so under consumer opt-in authorizations and also support industry-standard opt-out programs.

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